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Welcome to Solexio!

Welcome to a golden era in styling safety. SOLEXIO brings the hair stylist to a world of styling with confidence and worry-free conviction.

Our innovative technology is revolutionizing the way people think about styling hair. By changing the way heat is applied to the hair, we are able to have precision control with enhanced safety features. Change the way you style hair when you use the new SOLEXIO STYLR.

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“I’ve used lots of styling tools in my career. This styler has really impressed me. Ultra smooth glide through the hair. Great balance. Zero-to-ready in 6 seconds and ready to pack in less than 30...that is FANTASTIC!”

-Christopher Johns: Stylist and owner of Christopher Johns Salon

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“The SOLEXIO straightener is a great straightening tool. The ability to use the straightener without feeling uncomfortable heat is amazing technology!”

-Lea Coleman: Stylist, Chantres Salon

“As a professional hairstylist, I wish all my tools had a braided swivel cord feature. It’s such an awesome and thoughtful feature. The cord is lightweight and moves with me, no tangles. We deal with tangles enough; we don’t have to deal with tool cord tangles anymore!”

-Stacia Lance: Stylist and owner, Wolf and Ryan Salon

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A New Beauty Technology

Brought to you by a multi-billion-dollar corporation with 30+ years of developing innovative heat applications. The SOLEXIO STYLR revolutionizes the hair styling industry with superior heat control technology.

The STYLR measures heat over 5,000 times a minute resulting in precise heat output; allowing the stylist to apply the heat needed to style fine, medium, thick, or coarse hair. The STYLR has floating plates that conform to the hair while evenly transferring heat to help the stylist perfect a client’s look.

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Scientific Results

SOLEXIO styles with precise HEAT.

By rethinking the science behind the style, the SOLEXIO STYLR evenly distributes heat to the hair enabling the styling of various hair types and textures.

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Distributor Safety
Safety Through Technology

We care about protecting one of the stylist’s greatest assets – their hands. The SOLEXIO STYLR has safe to touch touchpoints and uses materials that were engineered to diffuse heat helping to reduce the hand’s exposure. The outer cover touchpoints are safe to touch even on the highest temperature setting.

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Our commitment to the distributor channel is unparalleled in this industry. With 30+ years’ work with distributors; we’ve developed a comprehensive partner program that drives joint success. Take the next step to sell a next-generation product.

Earn more, sell faster, and take your business to new heights when you become a SOLEXIO distributor.

A New Way To Style

The SOLEXIO STYLR takes the guesswork out of setting the correct temperature. It is as easy as selecting your hair type.

Fine Hair

Medium Hair

Thick Hair

Coarse Hair