Solexio Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn it on?

Turn the bottom selector counterclockwise from the Off position to the desired hair type setting (Fine, Medium, Thick, Coarse).

Is it really ready to use in 6 seconds? How do I know when it’s ready to use?

Yes! It may be easy to miss the flashing status light indicating the styler is warming up after the device is plugged in if one is not paying attention to it. If the status light is on and remains solid, then the SOLEXIO STYLR is indeed at the desired hair setting and ready to use.

Does it turn off automatically?

Yes, the SOLEXIO STYLR is equipped with an accelerometer, which detects movement. If the device is not moved in two minutes, the styler will automatically enter sleep mode and the status light will slowly pulse. If you pick it up when in sleep mode, the status light will flash rapidly until it reaches the selected hair type. Once the status light remains solidly lit, the device is ready to use again. If no movement is detected for 15 minutes, the SOLEXIO status light and power will turn off. To use again, the selector must be turned back to the Off position, then to the desired hair setting to reset and continue using.

Do I have to turn it off to lock it?

No, the SOLEXIO STYLR does not need to be off in order to engage the lock. It is recommended to lock the styler any time the device is not in use, whether it is powered on or not in order to protect the heated surfaces from coming into contact with unwanted objects and to protect them from sharp items when stored.

How do I curl my hair with it?

Follow the instructions in the User Guide for straightening a section of hair. Twist the STYLR, wrapping the hair around the exterior of the device, as you move it through the section of hair.

Can I use it on my weave, wig or other synthetic hair?

It is not recommended to use the SOLEXIO STYLR on synthetic hair.

How do I clean it?

Remove any dust, lint, and hair on the SOLEXIO hair styler using a soft brush or vacuum. Clean your SOLEXIO hair styler and heater plates with a damp cloth or with Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cloth or cotton ball. NEVER spray any types of chemical, cleaners or solvents on the SOLEXIO hair styler. Do not use hard or sharp-edged objects.

How often do I clean it?

Any time you see a buildup of dust, lint, hair, or hair product on the heater plates.

The styler is not straightening my hair. What do I do?

Try slowing down or placing less hair into the styler per swipe. Try the next higher temperature setting. Apply more pressure while your hair is moving between the heater plates.

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